Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I don't usually get into the politics thing, but the news is on and they are talking about the illegal aliens getting in-state tuition. WTF? One arugement is that we have already given them a high school education, so why would we leave them in a dead end sitiation and not help them go to college? We did not give that to them. They stole it. Somebody steals your car so you might as well give them your house too? And they say that the country will be better off if they are educated. Where does this money come from? They make it sound like funds are unlimited. No. There is not enough money to help the kids whose parents paid taxes in the state all their lives. Any money that is given to them is being taken away from OUR children. Or raising the price of school for kids whose parents (like me) are just dumb ass white middle class working fools that pay the taxes but can't get any help sending OUR kids to school. Yea, it makes me mad.
Okay, enough of that.
-I am not sure where these numbers come from, but it this is interesting.


Matt said...


Here's an article from the Des Moines Register. It discusses Nebraska's law and talks about Iowa's situation. It's one of the few articles that isn't from a rabid right wing site.


You're absolutely right to be pissed off. The working middle-class get's shit on for everything. We have to pay for deadbeats and losers and then bear the brunt of tax cuts for wealthy assholes. It's not fair at all.

Leo said...

Now, Brent, we have to feel sorry for these poor people who only come here looking for work.

Matt, are you aware that YOU are the wealthy that gets your taxes cut. Yes, you and I are wealthy when you start talking about tax cuts. We are the ones that don't deserve it.

Matt said...

I'm not in the highest bracket. I'm assuming we're all pretty much in the middle to upper-middle class income range.

Overall my taxes have not gone down. If I have recieved any State or Federal income tax 'break'. It is eaten up every year by the rise in property taxes.

I admit I do not know what the income guidelines are that the FedGov uses but I can tell you I'm not in the 'wealthy' category. I doubt if any of us are unless we've recieved a large inheritance and are paying capital gains on it.

I know that I won't be paying any capital gains on my inheritance. I don't think there's a schedule for 'plastic spoon' and 'stained La-Z-Boy'.

Leo said...

I bet you're in the top 80% of all wage earners, and to the average Jose, who is pulling in $30k (household), we ARE the wealthy.

Granted, there are many who are 'mega-rich' but they aren't the only ones targeted when the dims fire up their class warfare lines about the rich. You could tax the shit out of those people and it wouldn't be a drop in the bucket.

And only 'rich' people complain about property taxes. :)

The top 50% of income tax filers in 2003, the last year I could find data for quickly, were those individuals or couples filing jointly who earned $29,019 and up in 2003. That's it. $29K. Double that and I'd say that you qualify as wealthy. Certainly to those people earning $29K you are, and when the politicians start pointing the finger, recognize that it's pointed at you.

Matt said...

Well that sucks. What's the motivation to succeed?