Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Topp this

Somebody at Topps has a sense of humor. If you look at this baseball card, you will see GW in the stand (in focus) and Mickey Mantle warming up behind him.

-OMG! (link)
Assistant State's Attorney Stephanie Damiani said Beaulieu had only been out of prison for two days for assaulting the same victim when he went to her Clarendon Street home on Sunday with a bag containing the homemade explosives.
Police said Beaulieu first tried to suffocate the woman with a pillow, but then began choking her with his hands, yelling "Die bitch, why don't you just die." But when that failed, police said Beaulieu grabbed a cordless telephone and began jabbing her in the neck with the antenna.
Beaulieu then warned the woman he was going to shove the explosives in her mouth and light them if she continued screaming, police said.
Police said Beaulieu eventually let the woman go so she could get him breakfast. She immediately went to police.

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stove said...

I wonder if this is him? He's an Eddie VH wanna-be.