Saturday, April 05, 2008


So I have been building some shelves for above Alex's desk, and naturally I was just a little bit short of wood. I am using MDF and painting it white to match the desk I made her a while back. I got 2 4x8 sheets of MDF, which are VERY heavy. 85 lbs I believe. And, btw, they are 4'1"x8'1". So anyhow, I am about to lift one and a random Asian guy asks me if I want help. Sure I says. Very nice. Then I get to the truck and there is an older Amish looking gentleman with a beard sitting in a pickup truck. He gets out and helps me load them into the truck. Very nice. So I get home and have to unload them. I was actually okay up to this point and could have loaded them in by myself, but it was easier to have help and it was nice of them. But now I need to drag them downstairs to the basement. I look around for more random strangers to help me and there are none. So I go ask my son to help and he says, "oh, man... that stuff sucks."
So if any of you are thinking about having kids, you might want to instead consider adopting a random Asian guy or an older Amish guy.
I have been playing a lot of Gears of War on the xBox 360. Damn that is fun. I have quite a few friends on line and we all seem to meet up at night and take turns blowing each other up. My screen name is "Otis the Drunk". I thought Leo and Steve would enjoy that. Sadly, not many people understand the reference. When Stove gets a 360, we can play online. It will be a ton of fun. Here is a clip. Notice the Lancer. It is the huge ass machine gun with a chainsaw across the bottom. Lots of fun.

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