Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Down the street is a house that has this little damn plastic guy IN THE STREET in front of their house. It is supposed to tell me to slow down because they have kids playing IN THE STREET. I was coming home yesterday and saw a bunch of kids so I slowed way down. Sure enough, one of them rode their bike right in front of my truck and stopped. I stopped in time and did not crush her. Her friends started to yell at her and she finally turned around to see a big ass black truck about 3 feet from her.
I was so damn mad. Not at the little girl. Little kids do stuff like that. But if you are a parent of a child that age, DO NOT LET THEM PLAY AROUND THE STREET. Just because you put up this stupid-ass yellow guy does not relieve you of your parental duties. Do they think it is like a wet floor sign? "If Snowflake gets killed by a car, it won't be our fault because we put a plastic man with a flag out there" I am wondering if I run over the dumb ass plastic guy with my truck if I can sue them to repaint my bumper. Or I can just tell them that I had to swerve to miss one of the kids that they were not watching and ran the little yellow plastic bastard over instead.

-I like this guy for this story as well as this one.

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stove said...

Got a high-powered paintball gun and a scope?