Sunday, June 10, 2007


Back to work tomorrow. Had a great weekend and got a lot done, but I am not ready to go. My birthday is Sat, and so as a present to myself I took the next 2 weeks off after that. I was going to build the deck during that time. Only problem is that I did not get the time off I wanted. The first week is posted, and I only got Friday off. I don't know about the next week yet, but that really does not help me and it does not make me happy. If I get the next week off I think I will give it back. That sucks.
I ran some copper out to the garage and now I have compressed air there. I bought some 3-way switches and was going to put a switch up in the garage and one in the basement so you could turn it off and on from eiter, but I got sidetracked buying phones today.
Tim had his phone stolen (again) but the good news is our contract was about up so we went in and got new phones. It took 1 hour 25 min to do. *gawd* I got a razr and I think I like it although the buttons are kind of flat and small. I think I will get used to it.
I took down the 2 cabinets I made last weekend and put french cletes on the back of them and the wall. Man, that is SO much better for hanging cabinets since I seem to move them around and I am always doing it by myself. I have had really bad back pains from putting up a cabinet 2 weeks ago. It is way too big and I made it from some really heavy MDF shelf stuff that Menard's had marked down really cheap. The thing must weigh 80 lbs. Trying to hold it up in and put screws in is not an easy thing to do even with a temp ledge board under it.
Ok then..


Leo said...

Happy Birthday, belated!

Have a nice 2 weeks off, you rat-bastard!!!!!


Leo said...

Oops...spoke too soon about the vacation. That sucks.