Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me.

Yup. 44 today. I feel really old. Just because I spent about 14 hours yesterday building and hanging cabinets in the shop and my back is all out of wack. Birthday today, Father's day tomorrow. Mary is taking me shopping in a bit :-) I am thinking that I may get a spindle sander. Dunno yet.
Here are some dumb ass criminals that stole SRV's stuff out of a storage garage. But that makes me wonder why Jimmy had that stuff in a garage?
Anyhow, I just came across this video. Stevie and Jimmy playing one double neck. I have seen pictures of it, but did not know there was video. Pretty cool.


Matt said...

If JV is going to put SRV's personal stuff in a rental unit he should put it in an auction and let people that are going to archive and preserve it properly obtain it.

He must be saving up Stevie's stuff so he'll have beer and drug money when he's too decrepit to play anymore.

If you can't tell I'm not a big fan of JV.

Matt said...

Oh, yeah and Happy Birthday old man 8^)

stovetop stuffin' said...

Shit, is it 6/16 already? Where'd the first half of the first third of Summer go? Hope you have a bitchin' birfday. Now go drink heavily and sand some spindles will ya? :)