Monday, May 25, 2009


HERE are some cool 3D murals done on some buildings.

We did it. Our kids have graduated high school. The graduation party went as well as we could have ever hoped for. The weather was great and there were no major hitches. I just wish that it was not such a busy weekend. There were a lot of folks that could not make it who I missed. There were some that dropped in on the way to other parties. I wish they could have stayed longer (and eaten more) and I could have spent more time with them. But there were also some folks that came that I did not expect. It was great to see Steve from the old neighborhood. Nick was not supposed to be in town, but things changed and he was over for a while and then came back with his wife and we got to hang out with them.
We confirmed that we have the greatest neighbors ever last night. Scott and Jodi came through in such a big way with the truck load of meat and the picnic table and other stuff. Dan and Marcia brought over some really great cakes. I did not try the other one, but we called the dark one "chocolate crack" because it was friggin' amazing. We finally packed it in just before 03:00.
Today my head hurts a bit and we have a mess to clean up, but I will have some chocolate crack and some milk and I should be good to go.
Last night when Nick was leaving we were talking about getting together and having a few beers some night. He said we had to do it over here because we have all the screen porch and the decks and stuff and they don't really have a nice place to hang out. Then it hit me that we spent the whole night in the garage. :-) I guess it is kind of like how you get nice comfy couches and stuff and then when people come over, you sit in the kitchen.
I made bogus labels for the computer boxes. I asked Tim about it and he said he thought that something might be up, but he really did not expect that.
All in all, a pretty good day.

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