Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's me..

Man, I have been busy and have not really been surfing the net or keeping up with the blog thing. I got the wall unit done and that is a big relief. I had planned on putting in tile in the lower entryway, but that did not happen. I just ran out of time.
I fought with getting grass to grow on the side of the added porch, but it just would not start. The dog runs across there when he comes out of his door and it always gets packed down. I broke down and bought some sod today. I should have done that long ago and been done with it. That is a fair amount of work.
I think we are about ready for the party on Sunday. Our neighbor is bringing over 80 lbs of sliced meat so I hope folks are hungry. Our neighbors on the other side are doing the cakes. Can't beat that.
We wanted to move the piano downstairs, but I just don't have the help to do it. My one big friend has a broken arm and everyone is really busy right now. We decided to have West come over and do it. What a waste of $80 to move it down five stairs, but it is better then somebody (probably me) getting hurt or crunching the piano. They are coming tomorrow morning.
I have NO idea how many people are going to be here Sunday so it is kind of hard to plan. We will have plenty of meat for sure (thanks Scott) but I don't know about things like beer and such. I am sure it will all work out.
Well I am beat. Must sleep.

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