Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Let's just get this out of the way right now. If a valedictorian had given her speech and praised Buddha or Allah or Rocky the Flying Squirrel, that would have been okay because we are free to worship whomever we wish in this country. But this student had the NERVE to praise Jesus Christ. What was she thinking. Can you imagine if we had denied graduation to a student because he praised Allah what an uproar we would see.
I drove by the old neighborhood on the way home from work today. I saw Steve in the garage and stopped in. Steve is the son in the Kim family. They were great neighbors that came from Vietnam. He and his wife and son live with his mom and dad in the house across the street from out old house. He asked me if I wanted to see the baby so I came in to see his son. WOW. They had another 'yute. Little girl. Cute. As I was leaving he said how he wanted to get out of there, but mom and dad are about ready to retire and he works for a company that makes car parts here in town and so he is not so sure about his future with them. I feel really bad for them. The house is paid for. I would sell it NOW for whatever I could and get the hell out. A year from now the neighborhood will not be any better. They are slapping THREE more habitat for humanity houses on the block. Did I mention Habitat for Humanity SUCKS? That makes about 8 or 9 now. I think I would get what I could for that house and go buy while the market is depressed. They might have to pay $30K or something. But if they did a loan that would probably be less then our cable bill. They bought the first house built on that block as part of their American dream. They had no idea that Iowa City was getting ready to take a dump on that part of town. Nor did we. That was a very expensive lesson.
Ok then. I am done. I am off tomorrow so I hope to get some stuff done in the shop and if I do, I will post some pictures.


matt said...

Even when you praise Christ you have to make sure that the speaker is of the correct 'persuasion'.

At my HS Baccalaureate ceremony our local priest provided the service. Holy shiite did the Methodist's and Baptists crap their pants over that one.

Leo said...

C'mon now, Brent, where is your compassion for those that have less than you? Habitat is a very worthwhile organization that would never do anything like set up people in places that they couldn't afford even though they are crackerbox houses. And Iowa City, wonderful and caring town that it is, would never target one area of town, causing property values to plummet, would they?

I'm so sick and tired of liberal bullshit.

Afraid we're in for another long stretch of it when his majesty wins the election.