Friday, October 24, 2008


I really enjoyed this from the head of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division:
"Apple had a big launch of a new product, and they launched at scale in a lot of new countries with a lot of new operators," Bach told BusinessWeek. "This quarter, RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) is having its big launch, and at some point we'll have our big launch.
So after RIM and Apple spend millions of bucks developing a new device that changes the industry, Microsoft will come along, rip off their ideas, and still manage to make a clunky, ugly ass knock off. They just don't know when.
HERE is a kind of interesting article on how much revenue the iPhone is really bringing in.
HERE is a guy that wrote an app for the iPhone and made $250,000 in the first two months. Daing! I think Stove should port "Warren" to the iPhone. :-)

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