Friday, August 08, 2008


I am almost done with the deck! If things go well tomorrow I should finish up the vinyl siding on the top part of it.

I took time out today to mow the yard. Then I did my neighbors yard. They have been at Sturgis for the last week and were getting home today. I was sure that after a week of Sturgis and the drive home that they were in no mood to mow the yard.

I noticed something today. A couple in the neighborhood has a Ford hybrid SUV thing. Fine. But it is that fugly green color. That makes me think that they are not driving it because they think they can save the planet or even that it will save them money. But rather they got the fugly green color so that everyone will know that they are driving a hybrid and they are better then the rest of us. Or else they just have really bad taste.

-THIS is the most bizarre and sad thing I have read in a long time. Business man splits with wife and so he ties a rope around a tree and the other end around his neck then goes speeding off in his car.

-Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone. I would have one if I could justify spending that much money on a phone. I would have it because it is cool. Not the kind of cool like "Look at me, I drive a hybrid and I am better then you" but rather the kind of cool that you just kind of look at it and enjoy and appreciate all that it does. Not to mention how well it does it. But some get it because they want everyone to know that they can spend that much on a phone. So some guy has the idea to cash in on those folks and make an app for the iPhone that costs $9,999. The kicker is that all the app does is display a red glowing gem on the screen so that you can prove to people that you have so damn much money you can waste it. EIGHT (!) people bought it before Apple pulled it from the store. STORY

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