Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well that weekend went by fast. I think that I am pretty much done with the deck. I got the trim pieces up inside and the lights behind them. They cast a nice indirect glow up on the ceiling at night. I took a picture of them but it is not that good because I am just too lazy to get the tripod. I cut some flashing in half and put in along the inside to reflect the light up. It kind of evens out the light also so you have a long consistent glow instead of a bunch of little lights that the rope lights put out. I am going to replace the ugly mason jar looking light fixture today and then about all that is left is to put in some screening under the overhang so the birds and bees don't make refuge in there. I told Tim last night that I thought I wasabout done and he said, "what about the ceiling fan?". *AARG* I forgot about that. I need to clean off the bricks and then look into putting some sealer or something on them if that will keep them darker. (click on picture to see bigger version (as always))

The kids are finishing up their first day of their senior year. That is just wrong. Wrong I say. Tim is driving them to school this year, so that saves me a trip (sometimes 2) in the middle of the afternoon to pick them up. It is still wrong though.


stove said...

Cool idea for the lights!

What happened to the picture of their first day in kindergarten? They skipped right to 12th? Did I miss 12 years or something?

leo said...

I know how you feel, Brent. We're moving Jake and Ben to Burge later this week.


Now that is the definition of 'wrong' in so many ways.

The house will never be the same again...well, I guess until next summer....but by then, they'll probably want to get an apartment up in IC.