Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday.... blaaah

I think we all need one of these one our coffee tables.

-Tomorrow is the Mac Expo. I have been reading a ton of stuff about what to expect. It is just so funny how Microsoft talks about crap they are going to make (which somebody else is usually already doing) and eventually the release it and it is still not ready. On the other hand Apple works hard to keep it secret and we have people surfing the patent office and monitoring suppliers so they can speculate what will be next. Most folks are thinking that they will release a ultra portable flash based sub notebook thingy. It will be fun to see.

-I finally got my Harmon Kardon Drive+Play after a MONTH of waiting. I was wondering how bright the LCD display would be. I might mount it on the dash but was afraid it would be distracting at night. I hooked it up to the power and it did not friggin work. Sheez. But last night my boss called me to see if I would mind coming over and going to Best Buy to pick up her new TV in my truck. As I was driving over, I noticed it was powered up. SCHWING!!! There is a cigarette lighter adapter that I won't use when I install it, but I plugged it in there just to power it up. There is an LED on the plug that lit up when I plugged it into the "power" outlet next to the cigarette lighter. I assumed that meant it had power with the key off. But I guess not. It really makes no sense to me. It would seem to have power since the LED comes on and the screen lights up and says "Harmon Kardon" and then goes to sleep. But it does not work with the key off.

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