Saturday, November 07, 2009


Well the Hawks lost. it was bound to happen.
We watched Mary's nephew play football for Missouri Valley College. He is a starter on the D. He played well. The game was on the internet so we watched it on our computer. They were up by 2 but the other guys had a drive going. There was less then a second left. They were setting up for a long field goal to try to win it. Right before the snap my battery died on my computer. AAARG.
Turns out it was good and Missouri Valley lost.
Did not do too much today. Dan and I went to Menards. I got some drywall and he took back some boards from the deck build. Then we all stood outside and drank beer and watched the game in Scott's garage. They are going to come over tonight and hang out. I really like having cool neighbors.
We all have screwed up at work. But none of us as much as this guy:

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