Monday, September 07, 2009

Extra day!

Nice day here. Got the power washing done on the upper deck rails. I have to wait for them to dry before i can sand them and they have to be totally dry before I can stain them, so I will have to start in on that after work tomorrow.
The color is much darker then I had wanted them to be, but I am getting used to it and am starting to like it. At least all of that black crud is gone from the wood. I used an oxygen bleach thing that they sell at Menard's and it worked pretty well. Applied with a pump sprayer and then power wash it off.
I saw this link on Giz'. Really well done. If you watch it until the end you will see a couple more videos by the same guy. The tilt shift one is cute, and the CGI one is really good and kind of funny.
I have been listening to Pandora radio on my iPhone all morning while working. Heard a lot of bands that I never heard of before. I liked most of them. Came across REEL FISH doing a cover of Take On Me. Strange combination indeed.
Now I don't know what to do with myself.

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