Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Spent my day off today painting some more. I think we are about done with that. It really does look nice and I am so glad to not be looking at white walls.
I had a couple of guys come down from Cedar Rapids to buy the lights and the light trees (A.K.A. "Klingon warrior weapons"). I got $ 150 out of it and they seemed quite happy with the deal.
We had our meat all lined up for Thanksgiving. I have a turkey my neighbor Scott gave me and a ham that my boss gave me. Today Scott came by and dropped off another ham. That one is frozen, so it went into the freezer for future reference. Man, I love that.
My neighbor Dan stopped by last night. His big TV went on the fritz and nobody would work on it. He knows a guy who's dad fixes TV's in Williamsburg. I told him I would take him over in the truck. He got it fixed and we went to pick it up a week later. After the first trip Dan tried to give me gas money, but I really did not want it. I am just so damn glad to have nice neighbors that I was glad to do it and it was kind of fun to go on a trip. So his wife baked us some cookies. She likes to do that. Last night when he stopped by he dropped off a gift certificate to Okaboji Grill. That is one of our favorite places. I get the 14 oz steak burger and Mary gets steak. Yummy! My neighbors are trying to make me fat.
Here is a feel good video for you.

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