Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well that hurts.. I was working on the screening yesterday and I pulled out a muscle in my back by my ribs. It has me really messed up for a while. I was getting ready for work today and it just about killed me trying to get my shoes on. I gave up and called in sick. So now I am home and can't do anything. It is 8:30 a.m. and it is already buggin' me that I can't do anything today. I have one little section left to screen in and the porch will be enclosed.
A few years back I told our kids that when they grow up part of their paychecks would go to pay for our neighbor's kid. Either through welfare programs or, more likely, paying to keep him in jail. The kid was part of the family across the street that was getting city funding to buy the house because they are such good people who just had a few bad breaks. Yea, the son was a 15 year old bike stealing-cigarette smoking-foul mouth-bastard that drove a car around the neighborhood with no license or license plates. The sister gained about 100 pounds and shaved her head to try to get toothless dad to stop molesting her. But other then that.. They were perfect citizens and deserved to get help buying a house. Anyhow, the son made the paper. He is going to prison for 10 to 30 years. Who knew?
As I was looking through some google links, I stumbled across a document. It seems that the dad was in court again. This time the Iowa Supreme Court. When he was convicted of mollesting his 15 year old daughter he was given parole and a suspended sentence. (WTF#1). When he violated that he had to live in a halfway house. During this time his "family" moved to Riverside. When he got out he moved in with them (WTF#2) , but they were too close to a school and he was told to move out. He did not and was arrested. He was on the news saying something like "once you are convicted of a sex crime, you are labeled for life". (WTF#3) So to the supreme court he went. Who paid for all of this? I don't know. But in his case they contended that " the residency restriction has a direct and substantial impact on his familial relationship. " (WTF#4) Reminds me of HER. You were raping your daughter and you are worried that having to move will have an impact on your family relationship. WHY is he even allowed to live there? WHY is the ICLU (the local and even more STUPID version of the ACLU) fighting for the rights of this piece of crap? Why are then not fighting for the rights of the daughter who has to live with him?

Apparently in Minnesota if you are on the SWAT team and you bust in the door of the wrong house and shots are exchanged, you get a metal. Good job, guys.

HERE is a pretty cool heat-sink. Normally I would not post this. But all of my tech sites are full of nothing but iPhone stuff and, as much as I like them, I am getting really tired of hearing about them.

Judge Judy felt the earth quake. Like I said... slow news day.

320BPM is pretty darn fast. If you watch this video, you can skip the first five min. or so and just watch the end. I guess this is pretty cool.

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